Why Realtors Should Encourage a Septic Inspection

Many aspects are involved in the sale or purchase of a home especially if you are a real estate agent. Representing a client, whether the buyer or seller, of a property with a private septic system can add additional challenges. How can you best inform your client about a septic inspection? Why should they get a septic inspection? Educating clients about the significance of a properly working septic system is very important and allows them to make informed decision about a property purchase.

Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems, (OSDS), are another name for septic systems and these systems are very common. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (The EPA) shares, “More than one in five households in the United States depend on individual onsite or small community cluster systems (septic systems) to treat their wastewater. These systems are used to treat and dispose of relatively small volumes of wastewater, usually from houses and businesses located in suburban and rural locations not served by a centralized public sewer system.”

Buying a home is an expensive investment in the first place. Repairing and replacing part of or an entire septic system is a very costly endeavor. Saving money is the primary reason why septic inspections are recommended. Whether you or your client are flipping a house, an investor, or a buyer or seller; getting a septic inspection done before settlement will save a lot of time, money, and many headaches. Inspections take the guess work out of potential and unexpected future expenses. Also, many lending institutions have stipulations requiring certain inspections be completed as a condition of the mortgage or loan.

When selling a home, the seller is generally required to disclose information about a home’s septic tank system, any known issues, and the condition. If repairs are required, the responsibility to pay typically falls on the seller. This is why properly maintaining a septic system is important throughout the entire time a home is owned. When selling a home, it is helpful if the seller can provide maintenance records and additional septic information.

Other important things to remember are that septic inspections are typically not done by home inspectors. Specialty training is required by law for septic inspectors in Maryland. A certified septic system inspector has to complete an eight-hour training course and get certified by the Maryland Department of the Environment. Remind your client that getting a septic inspection done prior to closing on a house will be the best $275 dollars they ever spent.

For more information feel free to contact Young Septic & Excavating at 443-277-5854 or info@youngexcavatingllc.com. Young Excavating, LLC is a two-generation owned septic and excavation company located in central Maryland. For over 25 years Young Excavating, LLC has provided expert septic, excavation and concrete services.

Septic Services for Realtors

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