How Much Should Septic Pumping Cost?

When you shop for a septic pumping service, do you look for the lowest price? Do you assume that everyone has the same service of simply pumping out your septic tank, and hauling the waste away, so you might as well go for the lowest cost?

That assumption is not only false, but dangerous. Don’t go for the cheapest quote, go for the most thorough service.

When you get your septic tank pumped, you need ALL of the contents pumped out. Most discount companies will only pump out the top portion, leaving a large percentage of it in the tank. You would not know this because very few if any homeowners ever check their septic tank after it’s been pumped.

When the septic pumping company hauls away your sewage, they have to dispose of it properly, or they can lose their license. To dispose of it properly means taking it to a certified sewage treatment facility. These facilities charge by the pound, so the more of your septic content the truck hauls away, the more it costs for them to dispose of it. Therefore, they bank on you not checking the tank afterwards, and they only pump the top part of the tank’s contents. If they pumped out all of the contents, they would make no profit on the service, and possible lose money. The margins are competitive enough.

This puts you and your home at risk.

As solids build and build in your tank, the more risk there is of a clog and backup. You could get your tank pumped every two years like clockwork, but if the septic pumping company doesn’t remove enough of the sludge and waste, you will be at high risk for not only a backup of sewage into your house, but a costly repair that can be upwards of $5,000 and leave you without water for a few days. Not to mention, parts of your house might need hazardous waste remediation and possible reconstruction. When that kind of water seeps into the structure of your home, that spells very expensive trouble. It happens.

Always verify with your septic pumping company that all of the content is being removed. Don’t be afraid to take a flashlight and check it yourself. It’s your house, your property, and the whole process should be transparent. Pay a little more for a septic pumping service to save you money in the long run. $275-$350 now can save you $7,000 tomorrow.